How is Life?

So...we have discovered that instead of having two girl buns, as we were TOLD, we have two BOY buns...good thing too because they are humping like mad!! LOL. They are in different cages til they get fixed b/c the constant humping is a little annoying to say the least.
The cats are over two years old now! They are as sweet as ever. We got them green laser :) Cheese likes to jump at the ceiling if it's pointing up.
This summer I planted tomatoes and peppers on our balcony and they are doing GREAT!

Now, for the coaster enthusiasts: King's Island has a new ride: Diamondback. Check out the site for the details. If you want to plan a trip there, check out Great Wolf Lodge, or google any hotels in the area. It has its own Waterpark, free with admission to the park. This amusement park is clean, organized and one of the best parks in the world! Cedar Fair just bought it a few years ago which makes it even better than before. If you like the Magnum, you'll love Diamondback. Check out the site, let me know what you think!


Piper & Cheese pics

I forgot to post the link to view pictures of Piper and Cheese. Click here to see them!


Roomba Kitty

OMG this video is precious! I wish my cat liked OUR vacuum!

LOL, cute tabby sliding into boxes :)


I Hate Winter!!!

Considering the fact that it's about 28 degrees right now, I think it's time to discuss something I passionately dislike: WINTER! I try to be positive about things, and I suppose there are a few things that are OK about this dismal season, like:

  • Hot chocolate with whipped cream on top is the best, but only when it's cold outside
  • Bonfires are great, or cozying up inside your house with a blanket watching a great movie
  • If there is a lot of snow, you may be off work
  • I like seasonal foods, like cooked apples, sweet potato casserole, turkey/stuffing/cranberry sauce, honeybaked ham, etc.

Eh, that's about it for me. From now til probably May, I will be perpetually shivering until I throw my back out. Enjoy my list of why I hate winter below. If you can think of any more reasons please comment and let me know!

  • Getting up when it's dark and freezing
  • Running downstairs to start your car and then leaving for work at 7:30 am and it's still dark
  • Having to wear umpteen layers or thick coats that make you look twice as fat
  • Looking more pale than usual
  • Dry, burning skin (even though I have oily skin)
  • Dealing with a huge snowfall and NOT getting the day off work
  • The sink water takes forever to warm up when you are trying to wash your hands
  • Getting slosh in your shoes
  • Getting salt on your car...then trying to wash it so the salt doesn't eat at your car, only to get salt slopped back on it when you exit Mr. Car Wash's parking lot
  • My hands and toes do not thaw regardless of what I do
  • Your nose begins to run the second you step outside, then the snot freezes to your nose
  • Having to freeze INSIDE my home because the stupid electric company charges too much
  • You can't do any outdoor activities except jog, but even if that makes you warm, it hurts your chest from inhaling blustery air
  • The car is never warm until you reach your destination
  • All the trees are bare and there are no flowers; it's so depressing
  • Also depressing: less light is bad for your mood :(
  • Scraping your driveway or sidewalk or car when there is ice and snow
  • My lips get chapped and my legs are itchy when I shave them
  • You have to wear dorky things if you want to stay warm, like puffy jackets, earmuffs, thick boots. If you want to still feel cute, be prepared to freeze.

Well I think that's enough of a list for now. Please let me know what you think! For now, stay warm, unless you live somewhere like Florida, which in that case I am completely jealous!


Piper and Cheese

Now to talk about some of my other passions: my cats. (Yes I have a zoo!) Our two siblings are Piper and Cheese. Piper, a brown torby, was rescued out of a pipe when she was 6 weeks old, hence the name. Cheese, an orange tabby, was named after a character on Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. I truly believe how you treat them, the way you play with/pet them, and how much time you spend with them really helps to mold their personalities. We exposed them to all sorts of animals when they were little (friends' pets) and took them on walks in their stroller to the park or PetsMart, and they are well-rounded 1-year-old cats. They love everyone and are so gentle with other animals. They just watch curiously when we let the buns hop around. Cheese did get jealous when Lola was eating her Timothy Hay, so he grabbed some for himself and tried eating it! He realized it didn't taste that good but made a pretty awesome toy.

Unfortunately Piper is prone to UTIs so we have her on a special food to keep a healthy digestive tract, and we give her more canned food so she gets as much water as possible. We also give them the good stuff after we give them a bath or trim their claws, as a treat for sitting there so patiently and not clawing us to bits. :)

I will post a link later to their pics. Right now I must attend to my children!


PetsMart Coupons

I found a link to codes for deals at PetsMart and Pampered Pet Mart, for anyone who is interested. Enjoy!


Chloe and Lola

First of all a quick note to say: Welcome! I hope you enjoy the blog while you are here. Just let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Well the newest additions to our family are two mini lops named Chloe and Lola. Chloe is black & white and Lola is brown & gray. If anyone had additional tips for raising the happiest, healthiest buns please let me know. We got them a cage with Carefresh bedding, a litterbox with Critter Litter, ceramic pellet/water bowls, and unlimited Timothy hay. They are approximately 9 weeks old. I've only had them a week and a half but they have already won my heart! They love to run and hop really high, and at the same time they like to climb on our laps and lick our hands. They even try to clean our cats! (Don't worry the cats are extremely gentle and only get to be around the buns while we are watching.) I am trying to figure out how to litter train them. I put hay in the box and put pee-soaked bedding in the litter to let them know that's where it goes, but I know at the same time babies are harder to train. Any tips would be SO much appreciated!

Oh and by the way: if you have a question about bunny care do NOT ask someone from a pet store. When we were there a customer was asking the manager what to do when her bunny's cecals got a little mushier and they told her to use DriTail! I was glad I was there to advise that is for WET tail, which non-rodents don't get, and it says right on the package not to give to rabbits! Fortunately we are close to an awesome animal clinic that specializes in the treatment of buns and they are wonderful. If there are any other proud bunny owners feel free to send me pics of your babies!